At SciMet R&D, we do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to R&D Tax Credit services. A company that has been claiming the R&D Tax Credit for a number of years is likely to have very different requirements to a first time claimant. The nature of activities being undertaken and structures, processes, systems and controls in place for carrying out R&D will vary from sector to sector and indeed, from company to company within each sector.

SciMet R&D’s suite of R&D Tax Credit services has been developed with this in mind.

Our Full R&D Tax Credit Service would typically include the following modules:


R&D Tax Credit Service


The comprehensive full service offering outlined above delivers exceptional value to R&D performing companies. However, if you are more interested in complementing an existing claim process, any one or more of the above modules can be delivered as a standalone service.

In addition, SciMet R&D provides an R&D Tax Credit Health Check service where we use our extensive experience and expertise to review your R&D Tax Credit claims prepared in-house or with the assistance of other third parties.

Contact us today to see how our tailor-made R&D Tax Credit solutions can assist you in claiming your full and proper entitlement under this valuable scheme.

About Us

SciMet R&D is the leading, Irish owned, independent R&D Tax Credit consultancy. The company was founded on a simple principle – to consistently deliver exceptional service and value to R&D performing companies in claiming their full and proper R&D Tax Credit entitlement.

We achieve this by delivering the perfect blend of science, technology, tax and accounting expertise. The R&D Tax Credit is unique in that it combines a science test with an accounting test. SciMet R&D is unique in the Irish market in the value we bring to our clients in meeting both tests.

At SciMet R&D we are truly passionate about science and technology. It motivates us to be able to play a part in the exciting research and development being carried out by our clients.  Our tailor-made R&D Tax Credit services deliver efficiencies, robustness and cost effectiveness that facilitate our clients in doing what they do best – innovate.

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